Just wanted to confirm that the voucher arrived by courier this morning. It looks fantastic – so nicely presented, thank you. Your communication and service is fantastic.
Jude E.
Thank you so much. It was an awesome experience. 
I will never forget it. This was a dream come true!!!
Bella T
The smile on my son’s face after the drive was worth every cent . Many Thanks
Fantastic day driving the v8, really challenging and a big buzz! Seemed to be over in a flash. Would recommend to anyone
Awesome!!! The Holden Hot Lap driver was great, staff were friendly and helpful. I want to go around again. Thanks for a wonderful experience!
Rachel L.
Awesome! I loved the drift in the corners. My best experience ever. Thanks a lot
Riaz H.
I wish to thank you very much for the experience last Wednesday of the hot laps with Greg Murphy. It was the most awesome thing I have done (besides giving birth to my kids). Sitting next to Greg Murphy himself made me feel special. I’m still on cloud nine from the whole experience.
Jo M.

Hi Dan, Thank you so much, (the gift voucher) arrived in time. Amazing customer service. Love your work.

Jody S

I had a blast – Phil was a great driver and tried his best to give me an action packed 5 laps of adrenalin fuelled fun. Definitely recommend it to anyone who likes speed. Thanks 🙂

Sharon F

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V8 Holden Driving Experiences

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