Refund Policy

The LAST thing we want is unhappy customers, so we’re happy to give a full refund on purchases as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. We must receive the cancellation within 28 days of the purchase date.
  2. We can only give a refund if a date has not been chosen and confirmed. After a date is chosen and we confirm the date with the experience provider, you are bound by their refund policy. Because they need to hire circuits and other resources, generally they can’t change or cancel a booking once confirmed.

Experience Closures

If the experience you’ve chosen is temporarily unavailable, or closes down for good, you can exchange your voucher for any other DriversDay experience. If the experience you’re wanting to swap it for is more expensive, the extra amount must be paid before a booking date can be confirmed. If the experience is cheaper, a credit note will be issued. No refunds are given if it’s outside of the 28 day refund period.