Step 1 – Buying the Voucher

When you purchase a Driving Experience from Drivers Day you’re actually buying a Voucher that allows you choose a date to do the experience within the next 15 months.

Buying is easy. Once you’ve found the experience you like, simply click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

This will automatically send you to the Shopping Cart to review your order, then proceed to the Checkout and fill out your details.

Step 2 – Receiving the Voucher

At the Checkout, you’ll be asked for an address to send the voucher too. This can be your address, or you can send it directly to the gift recipient. Make sure it’s a physical address that a courier can deliver to – not a PO Box.

There’s also a space to put the recipients name and a short message that will be printed on the Gift Voucher.

The Voucher comes in a sealed blue envelope, which is sent inside a courier bag for protection. Perfect for giving as a gift.

Step 3 – Using the Voucher

On the back of the Gift Voucher is the website address showing where to go to choose a date for that specific experience.

On the page is a simple form where they put in their name, contact details, the voucher number, and the date they want to do their experience.

That’s it. We’ll then contact them to confirm the date they’ve chosen and they’ll also receive more information on what to do, when and where to go on the day.